Agony of despair

I am drowning in an ocean of agony. An overwhelming discomfort fills my space, the pendulum loses its beats, and the room becomes obscure.

I fight, but the pain invades my thoughts, ties my dreams, runs in my veins, and fills my senses with despair. I escape to the streets. But I find it everywhere; it filled the wind, grew on the trees, and expelled the geese.

I see it in people’s look, as if they just heard the news. I quickly run back to my room, before the curfew starts. I shelter under my blanket to keep the sound of the marching army away.

Peaceful thoughts start to spring, I start to feel relief. But as soon as I uncover my head, I find it standing there by my door, waiting for me. It suffocates me, yet it doesn’t kill me.

I just want to be free!

Agony of despair

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