Violence unleashed

I woke up anxious and tormented and walked straight to the streets to see the remainings of last night’s battle. But, when i arrived to Cité Ettadhamen, Mnihla in the western suburb of Tunis. I wished I was blind, but the overwhelming smell of burining plastic would still describe the intensity of the violence that invaded this large underprivilidged neighbourhood.

Violence was unleashed and flames invaded most banks, a few cars, a bus, two pharmacies, a bakery, an electronics store, and several other shops, the city hall, the municipality, and the post office of Mnihla. Hundreds of people were shocked, they stood along the way in groups trying to know what happened last night. One could see that there was some pillage, and the shops that rioters couldn’t open were tagged. They wrote on them the famous slogan A.C.A.B meaning All Cops Are Bastards. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a single cop in the streets today. I mean no single cop, and that is very strange in Tunis.

What happened last night?

Yesterday cops were surrounding Cité Ettadhamen and no one could either enter or leave. It seemed like cops were preparing to “clean” the area and take control of it, after hundreds of people engaged in riots during the afternoon. I won’t be able to tell you much but it seems that troops with guns and bullets engaged with unarmed groups of kids. This morning the kids were still there, while the cops disappeared leaving some souvenirs of their passage. This picture may give an idea about the outcome of the battle.

where's the cop
Kids vs Cops


I decided to leave the scene, even though the scene wouldn’t leave my head. I headed to the University of Law of Tunis. University professors were protesting because of the murder of Hatem Bettaher, who was shot in the head by police forces yesterday. The professors were signing a petition and calling for a general strike tomorrow in Tunis, along with other worker’s union. They had clear demands, even though they were not acting under any recognized structure. Their demands included the liberation of all people detained in the last protests and the dilution of the house of representatives, and the counselors. I wasn’t able to obtain the full report but they will be announcing soon during the day.

The other news of the day is the pseudo press conference organized by Sakher El Materi, the son in law of the president and the strangely young and succesfull business man. He announced that he didn’t run away from Tunisia, but that he was just gave a ride to his wife who went to Canada. He also had an interesting discussion with @Emnabenjemaa who spoke openly with him about the recent controversies around his person. He certainly tried to negate the corruption accusations, but that didn’t seem to affect the people’s opinion.


Violence unleashed

5 thoughts on “Violence unleashed

  1. Thanks for the reporting…

    Since you are on the ground, how credible are the claims that some paid thugs did the damage in order to discredit the popular movement?

    I saw such claims coming from people in Bizerte, Tunis etc.

    1. YoussefG says:

      Hey Anis,

      We have in our hands several digital proofs, among them pictures of thugs wearing police helmets breaking into banks, and videos circulating on facebook showing cops breaking into a house.

      There also weird things happening such as leaving cité ettadhamen closed down by police yesterday, and waking up to find everything burning down, and people in shock, while cops totally disappeared. What happened? Did they close the neighbourhood, take it over, then gave it back?

      I am going to write an article specifically about this issue!


      1. A. says:

        I’m so looking forward to read it… you’re doing a great job guys in documenting this stuff, you are the truth guys, nobody believes these bastards !

        I saw the footage you’re talking about, ridiculous, and the more you get the less they can lie about it ! on a atteint un nouveau palier dans la désinformation et la fabrication des preuves, mais maintenant la génération Y 9altelhom … !

        je viens de lire sur le blog de Kamel Morjane son témoignage que c’est des bandes appartenant au régime qui ont fait le pillage, il vient de présenter sa démission

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